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Stacked Wooden Logs

About Us

We've grown a love for working hard and relaxing even harder. Our team has worked tirelessly in designing and building your favorite place to let time slow down. With our passion for fine carpentry and comfortability, we promise you'll love everything with the Gubler Made name. That's a Gubler guarantee.

Our Story

Utahn born and raised. I grew up without a better way to end a hard days work than on the front porch, gazing upon the fields and mountains. From driving fence posts, pruning the apple orchard, to feeding the horses, I quickly learned the value of hard work from a young age. At the age of eighteen I moved to the south for a short number of years, and quickly became familiar with the importance of a southern porch swing on every home. The place where memories are made, bonds are formed, and life's lessons are realized. It didn't take long after moving back to Utah to know something was missing.


What started out as making a single swing for my porch, quickly turned into something much bigger. Building the most comfortable swing I could think of, with a twin sized mattress, plenty of pillows, and enough room to sleep on, the first Gubler Made bed swing was born. With growing interest from neighbors every day, I decided to make a few more bed swings. It started out as most small companies have, right out of the garage as a hobby. As interest increased, I eventually made the leap to doing it full time. From dawn to dusk I spent every moment working in that small garage just to make ends meet. Until finally, more established and with a skilled team by my side, we efficiently design and build pieces we are sure you'll love. We invite you to enjoy the evening as much as we do, and let time slow down on a Gubler Made bed swing. 

Meet The Team


Owen G.


Kenyon Employee Pic_edited_edited_edited

Kenyon M.

Build-shop Manager

Talavou Employee Pic.JPG

Talavou F.



Quinn M.



Jennifer G.


Meg Headshot.jpg

Megan A.

Social Media Manager

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